Vertical Lines

A particular type of line is a vertical line. A vertical line is parallel to the y-axis and perpendicular to the x-axis. The figure below shows several vertical lines, the vertical lines are red, and the axis is black.

Vertical Lines - 1.png

If we were to select two points on any of the vertical lines, we would find that while the y coordinates for the two points are different, the x coordinate for both of the points is the same. Because of this, the slope of this type of line is considered to be undefined.

We’ll select two points on a vertical line, (x, y1and (x, y2), and with these two points, we will compute the slope of the line. Using the slope equation:

Slope Equation - 8

Plugging our coordinates into the equation:

Vertical Lines - 2.png

We can simplify this down by subtracting the x from the x, which gives us 0.

Vertical Lines - 3.png