Scatter Plot

Scatter plots are a way to visually represent bivariate quantitative data. To plot a bivariate dataset you’ll select one variable to be the explanatory variable, and the other to be the response variable. The explanatory variable is the variable that you want to explain the response variable, and the response variable is the one that responds to the explanatory variable.

Once you have the response and the explanatory variable have been selected, then you can graph them on a coordinate grid. The value of the explanatory variable is the x-coordinate, and the value of the response variable is the y-coordinate. 

To look at how to make a scatter plot, let’s take the following dataset. This dataset has the explanatory variable as the first column, and the response variable is the second column.

Scatter Plot - Data.png

Plotting each of the points on the scatter plot, as shown below.

Scatter Plot - Plot.png