Pie Chart

A pie chart is used to visualize categorical data. A pie chart is a circular graph that is divided into smaller pieces, called slices. When looking at a pie chart the larger the slices, the more times that specific event happens. To create a pie chart let’s take the following data:

Pie Chart - 2

The first step in creating a pie chart is to determine the relative frequency of each movie. The results are as below:

Pie Chart - 1

To make a pie chart start with the comedy movie, and draw a slice that covers 25% of the table. The action movie slice would by 12.5% of the chart, and romance movies would include 8.3% of the chart, and continue on until the pie chart is complete.

Here is the completed pie chart for the above dataset.

Pie Chart

Pie charts are primarily used with smaller datasets. The larger the dataset, the more slices that you will have and the smaller they will be. Another limitation with pie charts is that if two events happen a similar amount of times, then the slices will be almost the size and difficult to tell the difference between them.